Freek Vermaak is the Founder and CEO of Baasraak. Baasraak is a Non-Profit Company. Freek’s inspiring life story has provided him with a platform to be an inspiration for many for 22 years. It encourages young and old in prisons, schools, colleges, universities, rehabilitation centers, sports teams, churches, and businesses with a powerful message of hope! Coach Freek’s passion is to train the “Underdogs” in life to become “Topdogs.”

Freek grew up with both his parents in one of the poorest areas on the West Rand of Gauteng, South Africa. As a child, his father was his hero and best friend. His father was a tradesman and earned little money. Freek may have been one of the poorest children in school, but he was rich in love and care from his parents. With the start of his rugby career, he was seen by many as an emerging Springbok rugby player. However, this did not materialize due to the poor decisions he made in his life.

After school, Freek joined the South African police, where he gained a lot of experience in the criminal world, gang activities, and drugs. He worked as a policeman in Johannesburg for a few years before crossing to the other side of the law when he became involved in organized criminal activities himself. He was, among other things, addicted to alcohol and cocaine. Because of his criminal lifestyle and addiction, he got into a lot of trouble. One evening, Freek got on his knees and called out to God for help, after which God’s grace rewrote his entire life story. God could give Freek a message full of hope from his despair.

Freek is married to Hannah, and he is the father of four sons (Ruan, Christopher, Dandré, and Armand) and a daughter (Katelyn). Freek and his family live in George in the Southern Cape.

For over 10 years, Freek was the producer and presenter of his own TV program on the Kruiskyk TV Channel. When Freek started broadcasting on Kruiskyk, he searched for a name for his program. He felt the program should be about a life of victory in Christ. The Concise Afrikaans Explanatory Dictionary then gave only one word for victory: “Baasraak!” Freek’s last name is not in vain, Vermaak. He is passionate about providing entertainment to people that refreshes and builds them up spiritually, physically, and emotionally. It is Freek’s goal in life to use his gifts and talents to glorify God and to introduce people to the Lord Jesus Christ. Freek is currently the host and producer of the ‘Baasraak saam Coach Freek’ Podcast program. On the program, he talks to fellow “Baasraakers” about how they have overcome their circumstances, challenges, problems, and setbacks in life through God’s grace.